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This card was made for one of my friends for her 17th birthday.
Each edge of the little squares was individually inked and embellished with stickles.
This next project was made for my scrapbooking table because I needed a new place to store my ink pads. So I bought a plain white canister at a thrift store and altered it.
I stamped the butterfly with light green ink on kraft cardstock then cut it out.

This card was super quick and easy to make!

A close up of the flower. The technique I used was: First I cut a long strip of fabric about an inch wide, then I covered a punched out cardstock circle in double sided tape, then stuck one end of the fabric strip to the middle of the circle, began to twist the fabric strip slightly as I pressed it down on the tape in a circle form, continued pressing the fabric down until I had reached the edge of the cardstock circle, trimmed off the excess untwisted fabric and tucked the end underneath. Then I added 3 pearls to the center and voila! A quick handcrafted flower.
I hope that this post might have inspired you in SOME way :) TFL

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