Online Cropping. I love it.

Participated in an online crop last week. It had started at the beginning of September but I didn't find out about it until a few days before the deadline. Worked like a crazed scrapping lunatic to get some pages finished because the prizes for the challenges were just AWESOME. Seriously, I was frantically trying to scrap and upload pictures for it 10 minutes before the deadline. (BTW, the laptop I was trying to upload pictures on to froze up at about 11:49pm...deadline was 11:59pm. Yeah, you can imagine.) I had worked like crazy in between school, work and church to finish at least a few pages. Pity any person who interrupts Brookie while she is immersed in the scrapbooking creative process. :)
Anyways, just figured I would share a few of the pages I submitted...the winners are being announced Sunday evening!

Challenge: make a page about your mom. (I chose to highlight my mom's sense of humour. BTW I love puns. Clearly.)

Challenge: Use a supply that you have been hoarding. (I used this B&W flocked paper that I have had for MONTHS. I love it, and even now only used a small piece. Wonder if they would consider doing a "Scrapbooking Hoarders" series?  Pretty sure I could qualify. ;) )

Challenge: Design your own patterned paper. (I made the little square of paper in the upper left corner. Maybe a little bit of a cop-out to use such a small piece...but w/e it works. :) Please notice that I pushed myself and used another small piece of that B&W flocked paper...maybe I'm not cut out for "Scrapbooking Hoarders" after all...)

Challenge: Use something unique that you didn't buy at LIITD Scrapbooking store- the site hosting the crop. (I totally stepped out of my comfort zone for this LO...when do I ever not use a grid or a lot of white space?? Never! And I love the rainbow musical notes paper. )

So, there is some of my "latest work". Hope you liked it! :)
Oh and tomorrow is National Cardmaking Day. Regardless of my lack of cardmaking talent I will be scrappily obligated to make one...and post it on my blog....out of duty to my craft...oh the poor soul who will receive my card. :D


  1. Very nice!!!
    You didn't mention that on the "Quite the Pear" page, you made that patterned pear. And it is very impressive.
    And on the "Pinata" page, you made the yellow flower on the top right out of cupcake paper thingys.

  2. Happy card making day Brooke! Love all the LO's, my fave is the one of you and your Mom. I don't know if I'll get around to cards today, but I'm doing a "year in the life" project... so it is constant upkeep! Have a great day :)