So, this is the fifth day of Valentine  posts that I have to share. :)

A super simple card. Seriously, I made it in Word. Took 5 minutes ;)

Sidenote, I love the Studio Calico fabrips! That pink houndstooth..sigh.  


Come check out a bit of "punny" goodness tomorrow!


  1. Super cool and quick idea.
    And fabstrips - yes - super cool, I agree.

  2. Simple but fantastic !!!! Love how all the words work together to make your message

  3. It looks amazing

    (The Dutch sentence should be 'ik heb jou lief' ...or 'ik hou van jou' )

  4. there is alot spelt wrong.
    but before anybody wants to make it should know it is "seni seviyorum" not "eni seviyorum" :)
    and the proper Translation into dutch is not "ek het jou lief" it is "ik hou van jou". and it wouldn't be ek anyway it would be ik. :) just as a reminder. :)